About Us

We are a digital design company specialized in customized website design, corporate photography, search engine optimization and branding services for small and mid-sized companies without compromising on quality and speed of delivery.


To come up with simple designs that rightfully go hand in hand with client expectations.


Ensure our growth is in conjuction with our clients' through building mutual business relationship with regards to usable experiences.

Why Choose Crablinks?

We believe in upholding the good faith our clients have for us through making rightful designs out of simple but excellent design creterias.

We put ourselves in the shoes of a client from the start to the launching of a project. Thus a project is not only cost effective and appealing to the client but also to us.

We not only strive to meet our objectives as a design agency but also see to it that you meet your objectives as a potential client through your designated business.

Our experince will be of utmost benefit to a client’s organization through our class A tailored design.

Why Choose Crablinks

Core Values

Core Values

Simplicity - We believe in designing simple but outstanding interfaces.

Honesty - We believe in being frank to our clients throughout our working process and thus giving them the assurance of the good reputation they have for us.

Transparency - From our pricing, to the entire design process, our clients noticably will have every good reason to give us a thumbs up.

Trustworthiness - We believe that our clients will not only count on us for outstanding designs but also have it that we always come up with rightful designs as a norm.

What inspired us naming our company Crablinks?

So you might be wondering why Crablinks? Huh! Okay here it is.

Crablinks was derived from two English words, Crab and links which we combined to form Crablinks.

As we are from the Coast, born and breed, we are nuts about sea food. We searched for one of the sea creatures which we thought would make a great name. We came across a crab and liked its shape.

The links part is what we love to do, connecting your business online to potential clients.

Crab Links

Our Team

Murad Swaleh

Creative Director

A design nerd who is very passionate about minimal design. He makes sure your business solutions are successfully implemented in the design.

Apart from web design, he is also great at Search Engine Optimization and Brand Identity, making sure your company is visible online.

Likes to help other upcoming website designers learn latest web standards and technologies. Believes that building someone’s career is giving out a gift of life that no one can take away.

When not designing, he likes travelling, mountain biking and running.

Mukhtar Salim

Cyber Security Specialist

An open-minded individual with over 8+ years of experience in Information Technology. Expert with a wide variety of security, engineering, networking and operating system software. Developed communication, cooperation, and leadership skills to communicate comfortably at all levels. Shares knowledge and experiences with various entities both to enhance operations and improve human life.

Specialties: Web Development, Networking and Security, Linux Sytems, Photography, Graphics Design & Community engagements

Swaleh Abubakar

Technical Director

He simply considers himself as the ‘solution’ to your data and business problems, relishes the challenge of coming up with a beautiful solution that is efficient and easy to use. He loves sharing knowledge; it’s no surprise that he is also an experienced lecturer in the field of System Development and Programming and offers consultancy services to various businesses and organizations throughout East Africa. He enjoys swimming, strolling in the park/ forest and mountain-climbing; he loves nature. A fan of football; both playing and watching.

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