IT Security training

With human error playing a part in so many security breaches – more than 90%, according to a recent study – it's no wonder companies are pouring so much money into cyber security awareness training for employees.

Unfortunately, this investment in awareness training doesn't seem to be paying off. Companies today are even more likely to experience a major breach than they were four years ago.

Most cyber security awareness training for employees is, to be blunt, boring. And when employees are bored, they can't engage with the content. They're less likely to remember, let alone master, the critical best practices that could make them your greatest security asset rather than your weakest security link. To address this problem and to solve human error, Crablinks offers cyber security awareness training for employees that employees actually love. Our secret? Humor, brevity and persistence.

Cybersecurity education is a critical tool for enterprises faced with an increasing volume of constantly evolving threats. IT Security staff need to be skilled in the advanced techniques that form a key component of effective enterprise threat management and mitigation strategies. Equipping your team with the most up-to-date knowledge will help defend your organization against even the most sophisticated attacks.

IT Security Training

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